“Running has helped me cope with the struggles in my life.”


Running has helped me cope with the struggles in my life. Denise and I both always just wanted that moment of peace. Running has been my escape. I really wish I had some more time to get that girl into some running shoes.

Feeling stronger mentally and physically.


Before I joined Running2BWell…I didn’t have much left that really made me happy anymore. The first night I went, I felt so welcomed and inspired. It was amazing! The energy in the room was like no other! We didn't even start working out yet and my anxiety was gone along with my motivation being restored!

I always come out of our group meetings with new knowledge, as well as feeling stronger mentally and physically.

My depression is at a minimum and I’m starting to enjoy things again, healthy things.

-Emily H.

"What did you just do?"


Jacob, started with his family, coming to our Lodi group in 2016. While we were writing out our goals he said

"I want to feel better and not think I'm a fatty who has never done anything"

Everyone's jaw dropped when he read his goal aloud. Fast forward 3 months after he finished his first ever 5k.  I asked him the question above and his answer was. "I just completed a 5K!" Yes sir you did!!! 


…showed me I could do anything

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“My name is Crystal. I started running to be well about 3 months ago it has changed my life in so many ways. I am in recovery from alcohol I have met so many wonderful people in this program and it has helped my recovery and keeps me sober. I ran my first 5k in September and I had 3 amazing people who pushed me to the finish line when I thought I couldn't they showed me I could do anything if I put my mind to it and they were right. Keith does the best Dad talks ever which help me motivate myself to always push harder thanks for giving me hope again.”


…designed as a "US" or "WE"


I so glad you started running 2b well and even more impressed how the group is designed as a "US" or "WE" component compared to a bunch of individuals gathering to run on Monday evenings.   In fact, running seems secondary to the connections generated during the meetings and even this past weekend unicorn race, which I considered a success especially for its first race ever.

I would like to thank Alyssa, Lexi, and You from the bottom of my heart for the passion, effort, and thoughtfulness each of you bring to the group weekly.

Since joining the group 9 weeks ago, I have run in 3 straight 5k races and getting a renewed interest in running again.  I'm mentioning the Monday evening group to as many people as I can that would benefit from the running groups vibe.

Thanks again!