We ain't Ozzie and Harriet

Running2bWell is a lot like a family. We are a group of imperfect people that share a common goal. We spend time together on a regular basis. Sometimes there is friction but most of the time there is joy. We can all be insensitive to each other’s needs and we can all misinterpret the actions and words of others. But we are still on this journey together. Kinda like a family on vacation (Griswold’s?).

Our group has two main founding principles. I already stated them above but they bear repeating.

#1 We are all messed up! We all struggle at some level with addictions and mental health problems.

#2 We all have something to contribute, we all have unique skills and talents and have a role to play in the group.

This 2nd principle is what I want to focus on today. Have you figured out what your role is in Running2bWell? It might be as simple as faithfully showing up to group runs, serving on the board, or sharing our program on social media. However that looks for you, I want you to know that your efforts are important and appreciated. We need everyone to do their part to help our cause.

In a family, someone has to work hard to bring in the money to pay for everything. Our board is doing a great job of that but we can always use help. We also need help leading the group events, promoting our group on social media, reaching out to other potential runners/walkers, volunteering at other races, leading groups, etc.

So, where do you fit in our imperfect family?

Keith Johnston