Gratitude is a muscle.

Gratitude is a muscle!

Do you ever think about your emotions being like muscles?  Where they can be strengthened by exercise, damaged by trauma, atrophied from disuse?

I know from personal experience that when I take the time to express gratitude, I find it easier to be grateful and ultimately, happy. I also know that when I don’t, my attitude grows dark. Even if I am wrong on this, what harm will it do?

So, start today by thinking about and maybe even writing down a few things that are going well for you, situations that worked in your favor. Also, go the next step and express gratitude to those who are involved or responsible for those situations. If there is no one to thank directly, just publicly tell people on social media “hey, I’m having a great day because…!”

I’m pretty sure that you will find that the list of things that are going well will grow, mostly because you are paying attention more closely. I think you will also find yourself being more content and happier.

Gratitude is a muscle, use it or lose it!


Keith Johnston