My Two cents worth

I found a roughed-up penny during one of our walk/runs today and it got me thinking. I compared it to shiny one from my change stash in my car. Both are worth the same right? They both have intrinsic value. However, the roughed up one was barely recognizable; in fact, I almost didn't notice it. Also, it was not fulfilling its purpose as a penny. It was out of circulation. But the roughed-up penny was just starting to show signs of beauty in the patina that only comes from wear and tear. This beauty takes time to develop and effort to see.

Many people in our communities have been scarred by addiction and mental health struggles. They feel worthless and discarded because in some instances’ they've been told that lie. But, each person in this world has value and purpose. They've been given unique talents that the world needs. They also have beauty that will only truly be revealed after trials.

What to do about all this? Realize that we’ve all been roughed up by life. None of us are without dings and scars AND all of us have beauty, purpose, and worth. Be on the look out to find another struggling with self-worth; pick them up, spend time with them, get them back in circulation. Make sure that they know their value. They need to know their value, purpose, and beauty because the world needs their talents.



Keith Johnston