How was your day?

What a great question and we ask it so much that it has become routine. We usually answer “good, yours?” and then move on. But wait a minute, let’s stop and think about the question and carefully consider our answer.

First, thank you for asking. Thank you for caring about me and how my life has been since we last talked. Thank you for taking into consideration how I’m doing and being ready to listen and offer help.

But how do we score a day? The Olympics are currently on and we see the athletes judged down to that little hundredth that separates gold from silver. Their score is even subdivided into style and technical points. Can we think of our days that way as well? For instance, I had a 9.5 day emotionally but only a 7 physically making my cumulative score 8.25 (assuming equal weighting). So, if I had a rough day at school or work, I can make up for it physically by going for a walk or run. If I’m struggling physically (sick or just really tired), I can reach out to a friend for support to bring up the overall score for the day.

But perhaps the most important aspect is that I get to judge my day, no one else. My perception of my day is the critical thing here. I’m not only the judge of each category in my day I get to decide which categories are used to determine if my day was good or bad. I’m free to choose what makes a good day. How empowering! How hopeful is that?

Good, old fashioned, counting my blessings, simply taking stock of the good things that happened today is how I can “MAKE IT” a good day. You may have lost your job, failed a class, lost a close relationship but do you have the necessities of life (food, shelter, water), do you have any friends or family that can help, do you have opportunities to change and grow? The answer is always “yes”. The bottom line is that we all have the power to make it a good day because we are the judges with the score cards in our hands.

So, how was your day? Mine was pretty good:

Keith Johnston